Ship Repair

Custom Services / Spares in Transit

Turmar Marine has its own customs department that happily provides customs services, clearance services, onboarding and forwarding for clients who require these services for their transit shipments at Istanbul.

On your instruction;

  • Checking ship’s movement
  • Collection & Storing of domestic cargo
  • Handling of incoming cargo with transit clearance
  • Reporting ship’s movement & cargo condition
  • Application of on board delivery with Customs & Terminals
  • Transportation & on board delivery job
  • Arrangement of special equipment on demands
  • Agent of Horizon Air Freight

    Customs Services and Clearances

    Turmar Marine uses its own customs department to handle all transit shipments at Istanbul for any client requiring these services for their parcels. Turmar has an unmatched success rate and a long history of clearing parcels without issue. Turmar is the only company that can guarantee all shipments will have all necessary customs formalities taken care of without issue. Customs departments are notorious for being scrupulous, and if everything is not in proper order a shipment can easily be held up indefinitely. Turmar Marine has taken the guesswork out of transit shipments by offering a fully staffed customs department to focus entirely on making sure that every shipment runs smoothly.

    Onboarding and Forwarding

    Turmar Marine is capable of using its customs services to clear transit shipments from Istanbul truck, seaport or airport customs and deliver the shipment onboard to vessels. For parcels that are landing in Istanbul from other vessels, Turmar completes all customs formalities and forwards the shipment to any other address or transit vessel. All paperwork, forms, onboarding and forwarding are handled internally by Turmar Marine to provide its clients the opportunity to keep their focus elsewhere, with the knowledge that Turmar has their best interests at heart.

    Since its customs department was established, Turmar Marine has done more than 5,000 deliveries without any failure or issues, operating at a success rate unheard of in the industry. It is the most trustworthy and dependable way to make sure transit shipments are taken care of and arrive without issue. Taking advantage of Turmar’s custom services is the easiest way to guarantee nothing is overlooked.

    Turmar Marine, your partner in DDP deliveries to Russia or Azerbaijan (Baku)

    We offer a transparent all-in customs solution for DDP deliveries to Russia or Azerbaijan (Baku). We can arrange customs clearance in name of the final receiver.