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Ship Repair

TERSAN - Facilities

Tersan Groups’s repair and docing facility is dedicated to provide a first class service to the shipping industry through the motto of "cost effective, on time repairs with high quality.

The current Repair Yard/Floating docks are located in Yalova and Tuzla/Istanbul providing services to the ships with an average of 70 to 80 vessels each year.

Floating Docks Floating Dock 1 (Tuzla) Floating Dock 2 (Yalova) Floating Dock 3 (Yalova)
Lifting Capacity 6.500 (tons) 9.000 (tons) 50.000 (tons)
Inner Breadth 22,5 (m) 29 (m) 51 (m)
Length 130 (m) 180 (m) 310 (m)
Cranes 2 x 5 (tons) 2 x 10 (tons) 2 x 25 (tons)


Safe Repair Berths & Piers
Total Length 1460 (m)
Cranes 1 x 550 (tons)
2x 40 (tons)
2 x 10 (tons), 2 x 25 (tons)
Depth up to 18 (m)

The scope of repair, renewal, maintenance and overhaul services provided during docking and repair period are listed as follows:

  • Every type of steel repair or conversion.
  • Slop/sludge removal and tank cleaning
  • High pressure water jet cleaning up to 1000 bar
  • Grit blasting up to SA2½, total 1500 m²/day with 15 nozzles capacity**
  • Tank coating with dehumidifiers, vacuum removers
  • Tailshaft withdrawal, surface crack examination and machining
  • Manufacturing of propeller shafts up to 10 m.
  • Manufacturing of stern tube bearings and shaft bushes
  • Propeller repairs and polishing
  • Total 10 ton/day steel renewal capacity
  • Availability of certified material at stocks
  • Boiler repairs
  • Engine and turbocharger overhaul and repair
  • Alternator repair, rewinding of electro-motors, repairs and installing electrical equipments.