Ship Repair

Special Manufacturing

Some components are not common enough to be carried in the many exchange pools located around the world and need to be specially manufactured to specific dimensions. For situations when a unique component is required for a ship or engine, Turmar Marine has years of experience specially manufacturing the pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

High Quality and Competitive Prices

All components are manufactured at workshops in Istanbul to guarantee that the quality is not hampered in any way while keeping the prices at a competitive level. The production of the components is done on a case-by-case basis to guarantee that the piece fits the required dimensions and requirements. Samples and sketches can be worked off of along with any other information to guarantee that the component delivered matches the ideal component that the client has in mind.

Production Services Offered

Many different production services are offered. Components can be produced with a 48 hour waiting time or can be delivered to the vessel on the way back from the Black Sea. Turmar is capable of manufacturing various components based off of samples, sketches or drawings. These include steel, bronze or brass materials and different types of hydraulic hoses. Steel construction is offered for a variety of shafts, gear wheels, bushes and flanges as well as hull fittings. Items can not only be made from steel, but also from other non-ferrous metals if that is required; this is the manufacturing process for casting and forging billets. Decks and crane cabins can be windowed with laminated, tempered or standard glasses as well. Turmar Marine is reliable and dedicated to making sure its customers receive the exact component that is required for their vessel, quickly and at unbeatable prices. The manufacturing process for these components is undertaken in hand selected Istanbul workshops to make sure the quality of the materials will remain consistent and the final product will be top of the line.

We can serve you for production of

  • All kinds of hydraulic hoses as per sample or sketch
  • Steel construction hull fittings and components of devices
  • Shafts , gear wheels , bushes , flanges , etc. from steel / stainless
  • Steel/bronze/brass etc. materials as per sample or drawings
  • Various items from steel and not ferrous metals from casting and forging billets
  • Laminated /tempered/normal glasses for bridge deck windowing / crane cabins etc