Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshafts are Ground undersize as per OEM recommendation. Cylindrical shafts of diameter 1200 mm and length 8000 mm can be accommodated.

Hard Chrome and Nickel Plating

Piston rods, cylindrical shafts, piston crowns, electrical rotor journals, valve spindle stems, compressor crankshafts, pump shafts and rotors, and similar components are built up using specially designed fixtures by this process. For better corrosion resistance, a nickel layer is deposited underneath the Hard Chrome Plating to extend component life.

Thermal Spray

Worn parts are built-up by using different Thermal Spray Processes such as High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Plasma Spray, Twin Wire Arc Spray and Powder Metal Spray. Many reconditioned and new parts are coated using Thermal Spray process for extended service life.

Re-Metalling Babbit Bearings

White metal bearings are re-babbitted using Thermal Spray and Casting processes.

Metal Stitching

A cold repair process of cracked or damaged components where weld repair is not possible. Metal Stitching work can be carried out in-situ using special "master locks".

In-Situ Machining

  • On-site Welding and Machining of worn-out bores.
  • Line Boring of engine bed plates and bearing pockets, turbine bearing pockets, etc.
  • Removal of broken studs by Drilling and Machining.
  • Vertical Boring on bearing pockets, pintle housings and rudder bearing housings.
  • Cylinder block liner landing face Machining.

Refurbishing of Connecting Rods

The big end bore is restored to standard size by Machining or Lapping mating surfaces and Honing the bore to the required size. The small end bush is renewed using new spares.


Ferrous and Non-ferrous Castings of various components are carried out using state of the art induction furnaces. The in-house facility helps to produce new parts when repair is not possible.

Heat Treatment

Hardening, Annealing, Tempering, Nitriding, Carburizing and Stress Relieving is carried out as per job requirement.

Welding and CNC Machining

  • TIG, MIG, SAW, PTA and Arc Welding processes are carried out on all types of materials.
  • Full range of CNC Machining for accuracy and consistent results.