Quality Assurance

DMI maintains the strictest standards and always operates following the highest international quality assurance standards, including using only procedures approved by the Classification Society to process all relevant marine components. In addition to this, all major Classification Societies (including Lloyds, GL, DNV and ABC) can provide component certification.

Pioneering Processes

DMI has consistently pioneered developments in welding, electro-mechanical metal spraying and finishing techniques that have helped to transform reconditioning. These developments have directly led to industry changes in component design and manufacturing. Individual companies within the DMI group have been responsible for the introduction of landmarks such as the chromium plating of piston ring grooves, reconditioning of cylinder covers, reconditioning of nimonic valve spindles and the revolutionary plating techniques allowing for permanent self-lubrication in chromium-plated cylinder liners.

Developing New Techniques

DMI has worked closely with major engine builders and ship operators to overcome the challenges set by the new generation of super-efficient diesel engines burning low- grade fuels. The high burn-down rates contributed to the cracking of new components, a problem that has been solved by the application of various surface treatments and the development of new reconditioning techniques for bore cooled components. DMI thrives on these challenges, continually developing new techniques to overcome the numerous problems of wear and corrosion that occur in all sectors of industry.