Exchange Service

To help its customers save time and money, Diesel Marine International (DMI) created a worldwide network of exchange pools to be kept fully stocked at all times with necessary components. These pieces can be sent out immediately, significantly cutting back long downtimes that can cost companies substantially.

DMI Exchange Pools

DMI exchange pools are located all around the world to provide marine customers with instant access to some of the most commonly needed components. The DMI exchange pool network is comprised of many different companies that work together to maintain a thriving network that is beneficial to all customers. The DMI factory that handles the exchange will also arrange all documentation and item delivery to guarantee the process is streamlined.

Worn Component Collection

Another beneficial service offered by all DMI factories is the ability to arrange for the collection of any worn component that needs to be removed. This is on top of arranging all the details around any exchange required from a DMI exchange pool. This service is extremely beneficial, especially when paired with a component delivery from one of the exchange pools, as it is an economical alternative to removing and disposing of a component on one’s own. The availability of stock is constantly changing and the inventory kept in stock is a direct reflection of which components are in high demand. Each factory that is part of the exchange pool will keep an up to date stock list that can be accessed by contacting the factory in advance.