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Cosco - Zhoushan Shipyard

COSCO Zhoushan shipyard, put into production in 8th Augest,2004, is the youngest shipyard in COSCO Shipyard Group with great potentiality.

The shipyard is located in northwest part of Liuheng Island, Zhoushan, which is close to the international sea route and on the T-type cross of the Yangtse Rive and the Sea.

COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard owns the best geographic advantage with deep-sea route, good anchorage coastal line, which provides good prospects for fast development. By 2010, COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard will be built as a large ship repairing & conversion, offshore engineering and ship building base composed of six docks ranging from dwt 80,000 to dwt 500,000, seven piers, 4,500m coastline and 2,000,000 m2 yard area.

At present, COSCO Zhoushan shipyard is equipped with one 300,000 dwt drydock, one 150,000 dwt drydock and one 100,000 dwt drydock, owns a team of experienced engineers & skilled workers, insisting the principle of “human, science and technology oriented".

As a high-class enterprise, COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard applied himself to long term developement in ship building and offshore engineering with determination and dedication, aimed for becoming the top-ranking base of ship repairing, offshore engineering & shipbuilding in China and in the world.



Dock Name Type Dwt Length(m)xB.On Ent.(m) xDraft(m) Crane Remark
No.1 DRY Dock 100,000 280x40x12.9 25Tx150Tx1 Existing
No.2 DRY Dock 300,000 410x68x14.3 25x1,300Tx1 Existing
No.3 DRY Dock


539x49.2x11x.3 25Tx3,160Tx1 Existing

Note: 500K DWT dock is under construction.


Piers Length(m)


Capacity(T) Crane Remark



300,00 50Tx70Mx1 Schemed



200,000 50Tx70Mx2 Existing
No.3 50  -12.0 10,000 45Tx45Mx2 Existing
No.4 266 -12 150,000

50Tx100Mx1 30T x75Mx1

No.5 500 -12 150,000 50Tx70Mx1 50Tx100Mx1 Existing
No.6 300 -12 300,000 50Tx70Mx1 Existing
No.7 300 -12 150,000 30Tx75Mx1 Existing

Other Main Facilities

Floating Crane (T) Mobile Ceane(Ton) Tug Bout (HP) Cherry picker Gantry Crane In Workshop
63Tx1 70Tx1 4500x1 46Sets 380Tx1
60Tx1 50Tx2 3800X1   200Tx2
  25Tx1 3600x2   100Tx2