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Cosco - Nantong Shipyard

COSCO Nantong Shipyard, one of the prime shipyards in COSCO Shipyard Group, is located in Nantong, the most fascinating city in Yangtze River Delta Region and close to Shanghai.

The shipyard is engaged in ship repair & conversion, offshore engineering, which is equipped with one 150,000 dwt floating dock, one 80,000 dwt floating dock, four repair berths and occupies 400,000m2 yard area.

It has established good relationship with world’s leading shipping companies covering more than 40 countries and regions. Every year over 150 vessels are repaired or converted in the yard.

1999, the Lloyd’s List Maritime Asia awarded COSCO Nantong shipyard as one of 4 best ship repairing yards in Asia. In addition, COSCO Nantong shipyard contributes greatly in ship conversion market, especially in the field of high-tech, high-added value conversion projects and it has won its brand reputatoin with its achievement in ship conversion.

With their advanced facilities, highly-trained technical personnel and excellent management capacity, they successfully entered the offshore engineering sector.

The world’s first cylinder-shaped platform will be delivered at the end of 2008 in COSCO Nantong Shipyard and the new offshore engineering base will be put into produciton in the near future.

It is predicted that COSCO Nantong Shipyard will become one of the world's most reliable and most-advanced ship repair & conversion and offshore products construction bases in short period.



Dock Name Type Dwt Length(m)xB.On Ent.(m) xDraft(m) Crane
Nantong Floating 150,000 270mx48mx-9.5m


Yuantong Floating 80,000 230mx42mx-8m 22Tx2,5Tx1


Piers Length(m)


Capacity(T) Crane



100,000 32Tx1



150,000 40Tx2
No.3 221 -10.0 100,000 32Tx1

Other Main Facilities

Floating Crane (T) Tug Boat (Hp) Mobile Crane(T) Cherry Pickers
150Tx2 4600x1 30Tx2 40 sets
63Tx1 4000x2 40Tx1  
60Tx1 3600x1  
50Tx1 3200x1  
15Tx1 2600x1