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Cosco - Guangdong Shipyard

COSCO Guangzhou Shipyard, a large ship building and repairing company of COSCO Shipyard Group in southern China, has continuously been on the top 10 ship repairing company list for 6 years.

The company is equipped with one 150,000 dwt floating dock and one 80,000 dwt floating dock, 900 m long deepwater berth, and occupies more than 200,000 square meters yard area. Nowadays, with above 300 experienced & skillful senior technicians and engineering management staff, it has greatly improved ship repair capacity, repairing or converting more than 120 vessels annually including bulk carriers , containers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, liquefied gas carriers and so on . Besides, the business has been extended to ship newbuilding with dwt 57,000 bulk carrier building contract signed with Greek company.

We believe COSCO Guangzhou Shipyard is always your first-choice ship repair/conversion & newbuilding yard in South China!

New Guangdong layout

Old Guangdong layout



Dock Name Type Dwt Length(m)xB.On Ent.(m) xDraft(m) Crane
Cui Huashan Floating 80,000 238x40x16


Yuan Yang No.2 Floating 150,000 269x52x18 20Tx2,12Tx1


Piers Length(m)


Capacity(T) Crane



80,000 30Tx1



80,000 10Tx1,40Tx1
No.3 338 -7.0 60,000 25Tx1
No.4 338 -7.0 60,000 20Tx1

Other Main Facilities

Floating Crane (T) Tug Boat (Hp) Mobile Crane(T) Cherry Pickers
 50Tx1 3100x1 25Tx1 20 sets