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Cosco - Corporation Introduction

COSCO Shipyard, the spotlight of China, advances to the outside world!

Founded in June 2001, COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), is a large enterprise groups, specializing in large vessels building, marine engineering construction and conversion, and providing with services in ship repairing and building sets. In Dalian, Nantong, Zhoushan, Guangdong Province, Shanghai, Lian Yungang and other places, COSCO Shipyard Group has large ship enterprises and ancillary services enterprises, which are leading in domestic and enjoyed higher profile in international. Based on professional services and modern management, COSCO Shipyard has become the preferred partner for top shipping company and offshore oil service provider in the world.

Now, the total the dock capacity of COSCO Shipyard Group has arrived 1.85 million tons, concluding two capacities of 300,000 tons floating docks, four capacities of 150,000~200,000 tons docks, six capacities of 40,000~80,000 tons docks , 31 berths, two Shipbuilding berth, and four water slides as well as two supporting water split.

The total site areas is over 4.25 million square meters that forming a "North-Middle-South" scientific and rational geographical distribution. Committed to improving the national ship and marine engineering design and manufacturing standards, COSCO Shipyard has being building national class technical center that integrated the basic design, detailed design and productive design as well as technical advisory services. And it has attracted technical design and productive management experts from Singapore and Korea to building world level shipbuilding management model.

COSCO Shipyard built ship models including: series 5000 barking space PCTC, 30,000 tons of Series Heavy Lift Multi-Purpose ships, 57,000 tons of series bulk carrier, 80,000 tons of bulk carriers, bulk carriers, and 92,500 tons carriers; marine project including: the worlds first drilling production storage oil vessel (FDPSO), cylindrical rigs, self-drilling platform, semi-submersible offshore oil platforms.

"Hard working, Innovation, and Beyond" as the spirit of enterprise, "Unified development and create value" as the core conception, "Revitalize the national shipbuilding industry," as a mission, COSCO Shipyard Group is taking efforts to achieve fast development and build a world-class shipbuilding enterprises.