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Ship Repair

Astican Shipyard - Location

ASTICAN is located in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), off the north-west coast of Africa and at the crossroads of the Atlantic linking Europe, Africa and the Americas.

The special geographical situation of the Canary Islands, with their average temperature of 21.3º C all year round and a very low rainfall level, makes the performance of jobs easy and with no competion in what to weather conditions is concerned.


Las Palmas international airport, only 20'drive from the yard, connect with most of the European cities and main airports in America.

Being a top tourist destination you can find frequent flights to many cities throughout Europe.

Syncrolift Platform

Our well-known Syncrolift Platform has increased the lifting capacity by means of a new cradle system that allows a better weight distribution. Since we put the new system into operation, we have dry-docked the “Reef Larissa”, “Siem Sapphire”, “Siem Ruby”, “Siem Emerald”, “Siem Pearl”, “Siem Diamond”, “Olympic Pegasus” and “Acergy Viking” with excellent results in terms of performance. These vessels would not have been dry-docked at Astican if we had not had the new cradle system, due to weights concentrations. Reef Larissa & Siem Emerald DD at the same time with the new cradle system.

The following video has an excellent example with DD of Siem Ruby Last May: