Fin Options

Our charge air coolers are manufactured from a large range of fin types available to us. These fins are manufactured on site offering a speedy response to our client's requirements. At present, we have seven thermally unique fin options to enable us to closely match the original air cooler performance and we are planning additional types for the near future. A selection of current fin types available:


Our sales and technical engineers will design a charge air cooler with the fin type best suited for your engine's requirements. Where more than one type can be used, we will offer various options so that you can choose to suit your available budget. We offer full intermediate supports to reduce tube fracture caused by engine/vessel vibration.

All AMI air coolers are manufactured using round tubes. These offer significant advantages over OEM air coolers manufactured using elliptical tubes. In particular, they can be cleaned more easily and offer reduced fouling.

Material Options

All materials are from quality sources and are supplied with full material certification. Most fin types are available with copper fins and 90/10 CuNi tubes. We can also offer aluminium fins on our Apexfin coolers offering low cost or "budget" option. Copper fins are available "tinned" (tin coated) if required. Substantial intermediate support plates are made from brass on all copper fin charge air coolers. Our stock of materials is based on marine requirements and therefore suitable for seawater environments.

Additional Options

We can also supply tube inserts - to reduce tube end erosion, protective coatings - to reduce tube plate "pitting", leak detection tubes, spiral wound fins (see also Heat Exchanger Components). Please contact our sales team, should you have any other requirements.


Our "fin blocks" are fully manufactured in our own workshops combining modern technology with traditional techniques. Fins are assembled loosely and the tubes are expanded into the fins to provide individual thermal and mechanical bonding of fin to tube. This ensures that if part of the fin becomes damaged in service, other fins are not effected or loosened

Existing parts or old coolers

We welcome old units at our workshops. Upon receipt of an old air cooler, we will automatically inspect the unit and prepare an engineer's report on it's condition. We will highlight any signs and causes of premature failure. We will always use this sample to check our drawings for accuracy ensuring no installation problems with a new cooler. In the event the old unit cannot be repaired, we will salvage any parts that are in acceptable condition. In most cases, the original end covers and external cleaning systems can be fitted to our replacement charge air coolers. Significant savings can be made as large frames can often be re-used.


Copper fins on 90/10 Cu/Ni tubes - 24 months Aluminium fins on 90/10 Cu/Ni tubes - 18 months Charge air coolers manufactured at AMI should last significantly longer than the warranty period depending upon operating conditions and maintenance carried out. It is not uncommon to find our charge air coolers lasting longer than original units. All warranty periods are from date of manufacture.

Warranty returns represent less than 0.5% of total output.


We understand the need for speedy deliveries and so our quotation, design and manufacturing departments are specifically optimised for speed - without compromising on quality. Our standard delivery time is consistently less than our competitors - standard "cassette" type air cooler can be manufactured in as little as 2-3 days - some available in stock (see also clearance offers).